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When I knew I would be working in a digital marketing agency, I said to myself  “Ok, I will probably do the same things I learnt at school and that I did in my last internship, no worries.” I used to work as an assistant in marketing and sales, and as an assistant community manager in a marketing department, where I had to use social networks to improve some products’ reach – so I had some experience in the area. Then, my first day at Switch Digital arrived and I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t even understand what was going on around me. I just didn’t know how it works.
I like writing short posts on Facebook, and I sometimes share what I like or don’t … but I never thought about combining both. I mean increasing brand awareness in order to make people follow a brand or a company, and buy their products. It’s simple but I had to join Switch Digital as an intern to learn about it and moreover, to learn that it works !
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As a customer, I don’t really react to digital advertisements or online shopping. To be honest, I prefer direct contact, and I make my decision in the actual shop and get my stuff straight away. I think I only ever took part in a competition once, it was a draw to win a pair of sneakers- I didn’t win. I used to wonder why people keep participating in these competitions if they know they have only one chance in 1000 to win. But everyone has his own opinion and I have to be honest, thanks to my internship I am now enjoying it when a new competition launches because you can see how people are involved in your company and brand. I like to brainstorm about new ideas, and think of how people will like it and want to be a part of it.
Right now, I know I can be more confident about digital marketing as a client because I know there are real men and women behind the screen. They are trying to understand our needs and do their utmost to get the brand across to us. They keep us informed about the latest news and give us a chance to be involved in the company life. As an intern, and maybe later as a professional, I now know that the objectives are the same, just with different tools. I am aware that digital marketing is indispensable especially for the next generations who are ultra-connected. People are on their computer and mobile phones more and more often, searching for new advantages or just surfing to get informed any hour of night or day.

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