WTF Campaign

Pop-Culture Inspired Campaign
The young and ambitious duo behind VIVO Bathrooms and Ceramics came to us with a budget and Ira Losco. They'd recently formed the company and opened for business quietly and without much fanfare. Their experience in the field and their prominent position meant that sales were healthy but public perception was not. The stock in the windows looked good, too good, and most passing traffic thought it out of their budgets. While the brand they imported, VITRA, is indeed beautifully designed, it's manufactured to suit all incomes and looking sleek and contemporary VIVO wanted to target the younger demographic, new home-owners in particular. With Ira already engaged as the face of the brand we set about creating a brief for a shoot based around five iconic pop culture images that Ira would recreate as if in her own world in her bathroom. All bathroom adverts look the same. A sleek, enormous bathroom, perhaps with a female model in a bathrobe, looking out onto crystal blue seas or jungle. How was this shoot going to stand out and be remembered by an audience ranging in age from their mid-20s to their late 30s? With the company tagline being 'Embrace your space', we'd show Ira being Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction or Alex Owens in Flashdance. The latter was particularly challenging to shoot as we had to construct a temporary set which would drain the water used in the shoot. All five sets had to be built from scratch on moveable platforms to allow us to move them around the space for the best possible natural light. There were also months of preparation beforehand from sourcing 50 kilos of jelly babies to finding the costumes to dress the star as all five different characters, not to mention ordering five different bathroom sets!
Not wanting to leave anything to chance, once all the set plans were created, the sets were created in 3d so as to calculate how much light would be needed as well as the shooting angles since some shots included shooting as if through a mirror or from directly above using a boom crane.