The Summer Kitchen

Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa's Summer Kitchen
We've worked with the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa for several years now and we've loved it. Who wouldn't? It's an oasis of class and splendour in the middle of a historic town with a great team making sure it's one of the top hotels on the island.   The Summer Kitchen reinvents itself every year and for the 2015 and 2016 summers we took two different approaches that made the most of the seasonal and locational assets. For 2015 we photographed the beautiful pools and gardens and treated them with a spectrum of brand-related colours.   Simplicity is always key with food menus and striking the right balance between design and function means that patrons get to feast both their eyes and stomachs as best as possible.   A year later we followed a retro Miami beach-house aesthetic with brightly-coloured patterns and foliage, still keeping the menus as easy to follow as the previous year.