Sigma - A Masterpiece in every home.

The true colours of Sigma
Sigma came to us with a happy story. They're market leaders. This means that increasing sales needs a little more effort than usual. Working with Sigma is always a pleasure - they're open to ideas and put their energy and enthusiasm into every project. Our approach This time we decided to steer clear of mentioning the product specifically. We opted, instead, to focus on the benefit to the client, that of turning a rather drab room into a work of art. The Campaign The Sigma Masterpiece campaign placed the Sigma user in the centre of the creation of their own masterpiece inside the home. We even gave the colour codes away as part of every advert to make sure that anyone inspired by the visuals can match the colour closely. Taking it further The campaign developed a life of its own online, in the form of a microsite dedicated to inspiring masterpieces around the Islands. More about that here. The result The client loved the campaign and, by the end of it, liked the results even more. Sales were visibly increased and they'd like to develop the campaign even further.