Max Factor Malta's Squad

Max Factor Malta's Squad
One hundred years of cosmetic innovation later, Max Factor Malta had a problem: the brand, a staple fixture of our mothers and grandmothers’ makeup vanities, was struggling to attract the attention of the teenagers the makeup world now worshipped. Stranger colours and brighter, shinier formulas had taken over the market, and V.J. Salomone wanted to bring new life to the brand - without spending a penny.
  The Resources
Max Factor brought sophistication and old-Hollywood glamour to the table.
We translated that into ‘classic never changes’.
  The Results
Using organically driven competitions and influencers, we brought the Max Factor brand into the limelight for what it’s products do best: cat-eye wings sharp enough to cut, red lips bright enough to blind, and a flawless, mirror-smooth base to canvas all your makeup on. By highlighting the products’ ability to deliver stunningly simple and elegant looks, we managed to bring teenagers back to the black-gloss cases their grandmothers owned.
Three years later, we went a step further with the Max Factor ‘My Factor’ campaign, which was picked up by Max Factor global.We made 6 of the best local beauty influencers into brand ambassadors, letting them choose to show how Max Factor brought out their ‘factor’ - what made them uniquely, unchallengebly unique. Facebook reach and engagement soared 600% within the first month alone.