Malta Jazz Festival 2014

Hitting every note
It's not every day that we're given the thrill of designing the identity and collateral for an event as gloriously spontaneous as the Malta Jazz Festival. And having rabid fans of the genre inside the office makes this even more of an enjoyable challenge. Apart from having access to privileged information (the lineup before everyone else gets to know it) this job comes with the best kind of brief - a client that knows exactly what it wants to achieve and yet allows plenty of creative liberty. We delivered a unique style for the Festival and applied this to all collateral that included the backdrop of the event itself, tickets, posters, the event programme and even coasters that served as gifts. The year after that we were once again asked to provide our services. This time we collaborated with the notorious Seb Tanti Burlò, whose unmistakable style graced the front cover of the programme and set the tone for the rest of the collateral.