Reporting success, year after year.

Annual Report 2014
Let's be honest, most people aren't thrilled by the prospect of reading through an annual report. It's page after page of statistics that make you go cross-eyed by the time you're through with it. Good design saves lives - we all know that - so why not make an annual report a pleasure to read? Why not make you want to leaf through to the next page, your fingers enjoying the uncoated texture of the page and your eyes savouring the complementary design as if thumbing through the latest edition of Monocle? One of our starting points was wanting to show the exterior of the building on the cover with the interior as soon as you open it - this isn't just about the bricks and mortar. Yes, there are statistics to report, but behind the statistics are humans, and that's the airport's most valuable resource. Having a flat medium to work with didn't deter us from taking the visual representation of the numbers into a third dimension, giving the figures a more pleasing graphical presence in the report. We also spent several days shooting at the airport, both capturing the cogs in motion as well as the staff in a less formal fashion. Again, everyone at the AGM was going to be in a suit, but there's a human behind every suit so we got a little less corporate with our photography. To help with getting those endless numbers across on the big day, we created an animation which flowed seamlessly from one statistic to another whilst keeping the visuals engaging and fresh. So as not to steal the presenter's thunder, these were kept flat and simple and always in line with the general design concept we embarked upon.