Mmmm. Magnum.

Celebrating 25 years of indulgence.
When Magnum Malta identified Ira Losco as the perfect brand fit, they asked us to pitch our ideas for the perfect campaign to celebrate 25 years of Magnum. Their brief was specific - they wanted bus shelter advertising and a huge party. Well, we figured that a party gave ice cream to a couple of hundred people but there were more out there who deserved it. How about wrapping a Wrangler in tasty ice-cream visuals and sending a team of Magnum specialists (in hot clothing) to spread to news around beaches, throughout the summer? Beachgoers were treated to more than ice-cream. Scratch cards could win them free ice-cream and there was also a Facebook contest to win a trip to Paris and a trip to London to see (and possibly listen to) Kylie in concert. There was a catch. They'd have to post a fun selfie with Magnum to win the trip and who doesn't love a selfie that's got ice-cream goodness in it? Winners were sorted by the old 'Facebook like' measure tape and Ira herself was there on the night of the finals, helping the panel of judges to pick the cream of the crop and send them off to Paris and London.
The result? A highly visible, highly talked about and very tasty campaign for Magnum.
- - -
Bonus trivia: The winner's mum said, "Not on my watch!", and sent a chaperone along to Paris with the couple.