Dr Organic

Integrated Marketing, Web Development, Social Media
The Challenge Galea & Galea came to us in search of a way to work around their local competition for their newly acquired Dr Organic product range. They needed to direct their target audience to specific outlets to boost product sales among their clients alone. Certain things were clear to us from the get-go - a compelling digital presence was one of them. What we needed to develop was the rest of the integrated marketing campaign. Our Approach Step 1 is what it always should be: Learn. We set out to understand both the brand and buying habits of the target consumer through a robust digital, social and content audit. The results gave us the solid foundation we needed to build a communication strategy that will engagingly tell their story, highlight brand benefits and direct consumers to all the right outlets. Microsite & User Experience Instead of building a heavy website packed with text that nobody will read, we greeted visitors with a lightweight, fully responsive microsite and stunning imagery that puts Dr Organic’s products and brand message at the centre. Users are swiftly led to an interactive map of all the right outlets on the islands, helping them find their closest store in seconds. A skincare quiz added a valuable fun-factor to the experience, guiding visitors through the vast range of products to pinpoint those that are ideal for their skin type. Social Media Given the level of competition we were dealing with both in the health and beauty market and the local supplier market, driving awareness and traffic to the website was paramount for the campaign. That’s why we turned to Facebook, Malta’s most popular social network. Thanks to our clear social media strategy, fans can count on the Dr Organic Malta page to consistently deliver highly informative, relevant and engaging content. Brand Awareness In an effort to extend the campaign beyond digital, we ran short-and-sweet radio ads and print ads featured in key publications in the run-up to Christmas. Blogger Event Management Switch is in contact with all the hottest Maltese bloggers, simply because we cannot ignore the massive potential hiding away in the blogosphere. In this case, we reached out to 10 of the most influential beauty bloggers on the island and invited them to a luxury event held in their honour. By treating them to a fun and informative event surrounding the brand complete with drinks and nibbles, the bloggers got to know the brand on a personal level. By offering a selection of products to take home and try, the bloggers helped us spread awareness through the publication of more than 30 honest product reviews (all of which were glowing). This gave us a vital voice among their loyal readers, transforming our message from a shouty advertisement to a trustworthy review that was eaten up by our target audience. The end result? An active community of loyalists and fanbassadors flooding the Facebook page with interaction. The Results Within 6 months, sales have multiplied by 45% as a direct result of this campaign alone.