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Corinthia Landing Pages
The landing pages were designed to improve conversion rates and increase the number of bookings made via CHI’s online campaigns. The pages were accessible through the Corinthia mailers to existing clients as well as through the PPC and search engine marketing campaigns running for each of the hotels. Results When compared to the performance of their previous landing pages, CHI reported a reduction in bounce rates and a significant improvement in conversion rates thanks to the landing pages. Taking things to the next level Once the landing pages started generating positive results, Corinthia decided to take their client communication a step further. After a series of strategy meetings, design and development began on The Corinthia Insider: a Luxury Travel Newsletter that provides readers with interesting and evocative content about each of the Corinthia holiday destinations. The first edition of the Corinthia Insider also featured the brand new Tell a Friend widget. Gone are the days of having a tiny blue phrase perched at the top of your email message - this widget makes social sharing intuitive and engaging, and allows Corinthia to reach readers who aren’t on their client mailing list… yet.   Testimonial: “Switch Digital offers top-notch design & delivers on time at a competitive price.” - Gilbert Zammit, Director of Online Marketing, Corinthia Hotels