APS Bank TVC Guardian Angel

Campaign TVCs
Behind the scenes has never meant more to us. Those 30 seconds you see in an advert on TV or Youtube? There are months and buckets of sweat and tears behind them. Well, maybe not the tears - we all had a blast on these TVCs. It started with a feeling. We all know what banks are and what they do, but what do they enable? They're behind those butterflies you feel when you turn the key in the lock of the door of your first home. They help give you that giddy excitement you feel before you embark on a new business venture. They're with you throughout your life, and while the gears and levers inside a bank might not be the stuff of dreams, what they help create is. After putting pen to paper for words, we moved to the studio who put their own pens to paper and created a storyboard which we thought up together. From there we moved on to mapping out the next few months with the production team covering everything from casting and wardrobe to shoot locations and equipment needed. Inclement weather meant that the shoot got pushed further and further back than our original date but the weather we were blessed with once we finally got those takes gave us some visuals that had everyone beaming about.