Last Friday Night:<span> Drawception</span>

Last Friday Night: Drawception.

On Fridays, work ends at 4pm. It’s the end of yet another busy week, so as the Macs shut down, the smell of popcorn wakes us up from our afternoon slump and everyone heads into the boardroom, beer in hand and ready for action.

Every week, a different member of the team is responsible for what happens next. We’ve enjoyed everything from pumpkin-carving sessions to sports days to passionate presentations on personal interests, so over the years, we’ve come to expect anything. People started asking questions. Random photos on our Facebook page triggered curiosity and our families, friends and clients have started asking about the sessions week after week.

Enter our latest blog series

Every week, we’ll have a quick round-up of what went on the week before – starting with last Friday and Andrea’s game of Drawception.

Drawception at switch Digital and Brand Agency Malta

The concept is pretty simple, especially if you ever played Chinese Whispers as a kid. Everyone’s given one long sheet of plain paper, a pencil, and a task: you must think of any sentence or phrase and write it at the top of the paper.

At this point everyone’s brain will, of course, blank

Drawception 2 at switch Digital and Brand Agency Malta

Once you’re functioning again and everyone’s written their sentence, you then pass on your sheet to the person on your left. This person reads your phrase and must attempt to draw an interpretation of the phrase. The key work here being “attempt” – please keep in mind that, while we do have a team of hugely talented designers at Switch, the vast majority of us can’t draw a stick man to save our lives.

Drawception, team of Switch Digital and Brand Agency Malta

When you’re done drawing, you fold back the sentence at the top of the paper to hide it from view before passing the sheet over to the person on your left. This person must then interpret the drawing to write out a sentence underneath, before folding the drawing back and out of sight.


This keeps going until everyone gets their sheet back – although most of the time, you wouldn’t recognise it from the end result…

Drawception Switch

Nice one, Andrea. Ending the week with hysterical laughter is always a good idea.

Until next Friday, folks.


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