Kinnie & COVID – Or how to make the most of social distancing

Kinnie & COVID – Or how to make the most of social distancing

Friday the 13th seemed to really live up to its name this year. In March, it closed off a week which, for many, was the end of life as we knew it. 

Everything got cancelled. Anyone reading this will know at least one event that was affected – a wedding, a conference, a party, or a concert. Among the disappointed were 3,000 fans of top local bands The Travellers and Red Electrick. Event tickets were sold out, and fans were eagerly awaiting their joint concert, which was organised with the help of Kinnie – Malta’s favourite local soft drink.

Here’s what we did

Switch shifted gears and sprung into action. Not wanting to miss a great opportunity to connect the bands with their fans, we stepped in to take Pjazza Kinnie online.

We’ve worked on numerous Pjazza Kinnie events in the past few years. Each event brings original concepts and a whole new level of engagement to events that were already established on the local scene. You might remember 2019’s Farsons Great Beer Festival, where we created a magical, earthy space for art, music and mingling. The very first one was the Christmas Corner we set up on Valletta’s Republic Street, which gave tired shoppers a chance to kick back with a Kinnie mulled wine and enjoy an intimate concert by The Travellers.

This time, we needed the same level of intimacy to reach out into the very living rooms of the Maltese public. Picture it: it was right at the start of the lockdown. Everyone was glued to their phones. People were hanging on to every word of the daily briefings and getting altogether very drained by the negativity and fear. Pjazza Kinnie Live was designed to pop up right on their screens as they read through the latest news item. It was a welcome distraction from all the doomsday talk.

Here’s how we did it

We streamed two live sessions, one with each band. The sessions were hosted by Thomas Camilleri, where he interviewed and chatted with the guys. They even played a few games and got the singers to serenade audiences with a few hits. The streams gave fans a chance to follow the conversations and interact through comments and questions. But more than that, fans also got an exciting sneak peek into the homes and lives of the band members. It’s not every day you see Joe Roscoe strumming away in his own home, is it?

The two online events were a success. Thousands of fans interacted with the live streams, taking video plays up to over 100,000 and reaching over 80,000 individuals. We were even joined by fans of Kinnie living abroad! Having so many foreigners tune in was an added bonus. They would have never been able to interact with the bands otherwise.

And just like that, an event for 3,000 fans went from being a cancelled “what if” to an interactive, intimate two hours of engagement – with 26X the number of attendees.

We’d say that it’s all about turning lemons into lemonade, but Kinnie is much better suited to oranges, really.


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